How Much Do Budgies Cost

Among the parrot family are budgies or budgerigars, which are indigenous to central Australia. In contrast to its natural cousin, the caged Budgie or parakeet is also small and incapable of surviving in the wild. Additionally, pet budgies come in various colors and can get trained to talk.

So, how much do budgies cost? Typically, the price of a Budgie ranges around $40, But it also depends on where you buy the Budgie. Expect to spend around $300 monthly on initial supplies and maintenance and $200 yearly on food and other services.

How Much Do Budgies Cost:

Budgies normally cost around $40. The cost of feeding and caring for budgies is not expensive. Mainly, The typical cost ranges around $250. After buying your bird, you’ll also need to pay for a cage, decorations, entertainment, and meals.

The green Budgie originates from Australia and is the most popular breed. Since hues like blue are more expensive, the green Budgie is the least expensive variety. A typical budgerigar will not cost over $90, but unfamiliar budgies can get purchased for up to $700 each.

The following information provides a brief overview for those considering adding a pet to their family, covering everything from the fees to the maintenance and care costs required daily.

Cage costs:

Consequently, cages for parakeets are readily available for purchase today. The most important thing to consider is the size of the cage. According to the Animal Shelter, the cage must stay at least 14 inches long. Mainly, to purchase such a cage, around $100 may get needed.

Budgies are excellent escaping artists. Thus there shouldn’t get more than 12mm of space between the bars. Ladders, bells, and mirrors rank among Budgie’s favorites. A $50  cage should, additionally, have a removable pan with a newspaper-covered floor for cleaning convenience.

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Cage stand costs:

A cage stand is often required for bird cages. Also, cage stands frequently come with wire racks and other alternatives to contain a cage and several of the bird’s essential needs. For a metal platform with wheels for simple cage movement, basic cage supports can range from around $40.

Toys cost:

Due to their low cost, Budgie toys get typically sold as packages containing a selection of toys. Typically, budgie toys range in price from around $20. A large set with hammocks, chime, swings, and other items would cost you about $17. Specialty toys can carry substantially higher price tags in some markets and cost around $200. Stay careful to purchase a toy from the manufacturer or retailer you trust.

Food Costs:

The secret to maintaining a budgie’s health is diet and activity. Plus, The ideal seed mixture for budgies is commercially available.

Mainly ten percent of a budgie’s food should stay protein, along with greens, fruits, and seeds. Around $40 is the cost of the budgie food, and you might consistently pay around $20 every month for additional treat items.

Fresh vegetables and fruits should get added to a seed diet to prevent an unhealthy budgie. Additionally, Never give your bird alcohol, etc., and keep junk food out of their range. Every day, remove any leftover vegetables from the cage because moldy food may make your Budgie ill.

Vet Visits:

For a thorough examination, a budgie has to visit the vet at least once a year or every six months. Also, Take your Budgie to the veterinarian even if you believe it has no health issues. A vet visit might cost around $50 or more, depending on how frequently you bring your bird in.

Consequently, you should be financially prepared for expenses of several hundred dollars if a budgie disease gets identified. Your vet costs could exceed thousands if the case is even more serious and your bird needs surgery.

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Monthly average costs:

The price range for your Budgie is between $200 and $225. The continuous expenses for keeping a Budgie are likely to get around $30 monthly for meals, $5  for extra monthly supplies, and around a hundred dollars per year for veterinary treatment.

The initial cost of purchasing everything will stay around $300. Plus, Budgies are inexpensive pets in terms of monthly costs. You won’t typically have to pay more than $100 a month.

Total costs:

Given that a parakeet’s or Budgie’s lifespan can reach up to 20 years with proper care, the cost per bird would fall around $5000 or more. You’ll also get relieved to learn that you won’t be spending more than $600 a year because of cost in this instance when both the cost of the cages and accessories get removed.


  • How much does a budgie cost around the world?

In the USA, UK, Brazil, and Canada, a budgie costs around $40. In other parts of the world, it can cost around $50 or more.

  • Are budgies famous?

Budgies are beloved pets because they are simple to breed and quickly turn from egg-laying to hatching. Budgie youngsters are completely prepared to get sold by the time they are six weeks old. Overbreeding is widespread, and budgie prices remain low.

They are neither extremely expensive to care for nor difficult to raise in captivity. Other bird types are more challenging to grow and require significant space.


In conclusion, A budgie typically costs around $40. Expect to spend about $200 a year on food and other necessities and about $300 a month on starting materials and maintenance. The captive Budgie or parakeet is small and incapable of prospering in the wild. So how much do budgies cost? Keeping a Budgie can cost you around $225.

They are neither extremely expensive to care for nor difficult to raise in captivity. Lastly, You won’t have to spend more than $100 monthly on your Budgie. Also, a budgie’s proper care would fall around $5000 or more in its complete lifespan.

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