How Long Do Budgies Live?

Budgies are very well-known and in-demand pets. Also, it has ranked dogs and cats behind, and it’s not shocking, as the budgies are inexpensive. Plus, they have a great catchy attitude which helps them learn the human language.

However, If the owner trains them well, they can become very comfortable while mimicking human speech. Even they can speak with more clarity. 

Additionally, you can consider them fun-loving, and they can entertain owners as well. So, if you want to bring budgies to your home, ensure you know everything about them, especially How Long Do Budgies Live?

How Long Do Budgies Live: Lifespan

These most colorful species have got bred since the 18th century and now have become the most famous pet all around the world. But an essential aspect to know is how long they can live. Well, it also depends on the one who owns it and looks after them.

So, pet budgies live around 15 years. However, the usual period of their life is around 12 years, and one can consider it a reasonable period. Meanwhile, other “English budgerigars,” which are also known as “exhibition budgerigars” and “show,” can live for around 6 to 9 years. 

Furthermore, the living period also depends that how the owner looks after budgies. So, the way of taking care of budgies impacts their life expectancy.

  • Budgies living in cages

Budgies who speak greatly can live more in comparison to usual budgies. Also, They can live for around 5 to 15 years in captivity. However, not each of them can make it till 15. At 15 years, budgies are quite old too. They usually live for around 8 years. Meanwhile, the living life of a Pet budgie depends on how you look after them.

  • Budgies living in the wild

Among all the parakeets and budgies, those that live in the wild live the shortest life. They only live for around 4 to 6 years. Also, female budgies live longer than male budgies but not so many years, just a few months longer.

 The life cycle of a budgie

The life cycle of a budgie is very quick. The wild incubation is not more than 18 to 23 days. Meanwhile, with fledging and after hatching, it takes around 30 to 49 days.

  • Incubation time: 30 to 40 days
  • Sexual maturity of budgies: 8 months to 1 year
  • Juvenile stage: 4 months to 1 year
  • Lifespan (while living in the wild): 4 to 6 years
  • Time of fledging: 30 to 40 days

Why some budgies live longer:

Probably some budgies get good growth compared to other budgies, which is why it makes a difference. Also, a good growth environment influences the life of budgies. If the budgies don’t get a good environment, then their lifespan of budgies drastically shortened. 

Nutrition is another factor in making your budgie live longer. So, balancing the diet of your budgie is necessary. Also, being an owner of the budgie, if you don’t feed them well and give them a balanced diet, it will automatically distract their life.

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Everything About Budgies Life:

There is no doubt about it: budgies are all parakeets, but all are not. Most people prefer to call them by their full name, budgerigars, and some call them parakeets. Additionally, they come in catchy colors and shades.

Even you can have these in any size and shape as well. Although, the Indian ringneck parakeet comes in lengths up to 15 inches from head to tail. Meanwhile, budgies come in smaller shapes, and there’s a huge difference in sizes and all other aspects. That’s why it’s easier to refer to these birds by their accurate names.

  • Diseases that divert budgies’ life:

How long do budgies live? Do their life get affected by diseases? Most budgies that don’t live the usual years of life get influenced by some serious diseases mentioned below.

  •  Chronic egg laying
  •  Obesity
  • Tumors
  • Scaly legs or face


  • Oldest budgies:

Many budgies live for around 20 years. Also, you can not consider them the oldest birds because, according to the records, one of the Australian birds lived for 26 years, but the winner of this race is 29 years old budgie known as Charlie in England.

As Charlie was born in earlier 1948, and he died on June 20th, 1977. Meanwhile, he was 29 years and 2 months old at his death.

  • How long do budgies live without food?

It’s necessary to feed budgies a specific amount of food daily because they can’t survive more than a day without eating and drinking. Additionally, they can easily get weakened and die without having food. So, if you want them to live longer, it’s necessary to feed them daily so that they can usually live longer.

  • Natural behavior’s side effects on budgies’ life:

Natural behavior affects them a lot to the budgies. It matters how their cage gets designed. How does the owner maintain their cage? How much space is available in the cage? As the cage dimension should not be a minimum of 18 inches. Plus, At least it should be 18 inches in width and 18 inches long. Hence, The space of the cage encourages the natural behavior of budgies, which also affects their living period.

  • Budgies Mimicking:

Talking and mimicking is the main quality of budgies, even though they can talk and mimics better than any other species and large parrots. As they can pick whatever their owner and other human say. Even they can speak more properly than humans. They can use the world in a proper context of manners. So, budgies are great for those who like to own a talking parrot.

  •  Smallest species:

Most people consider these budgies the smallest among all the bird species. But it’s not true. These are tiny, around 7 to 8 inches from head to tail. However, Australian budgies are way smaller in size in their native habitat.

  • Color mutations:

The color mutation is a very common thing when it comes to budgies. The natural ones are only available in green and yellow varieties. Apart from these colors, if you see these in any other colors, then it’s simply a color mutation.

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Otherwise, they’re available in all shades of yellow and green, and they are naturally available in these shades.

  •  Inexpensive:

As the budgies are very small, they are inexpensive and easy to handle as they don’t need huge quantities of food. Additionally, they don’t require lots of care.

However, feeding them seeds is unsafe for budgies and can cause health issues as vegetables and fruits are their favorites. So, it’s better to feed them different veggies and fruits. They also like green leaves to eat. But, feeding them the same thing daily can negatively impact their health.

 Find out your budgie’s age:

There are various ways to find out the real age of your pet budgies. So, if the stripes on its head are near its beak, it’s probably 3 to 4 months old. Meanwhile, around 12 months old budgies probably have dark shade beaks like black and any other dark color.

Additionally, budgies’ eyes say a lot about their age. Such as, if the budgie has black eyes but no visible irises, it means that it’s less than 5 months old. Or if it has a white iris ring, it’s around 8 months old.

 Difference between caged and wild budgies

If you are already a budgies owner, you know there’s a difference between caged and wild budgies.

Caged budgies are way bigger than wild budgies, and they have a larger fluffy heads as well. Besides, English budgies don’t live longer than five, while wild ones can live longer till 10. Furthermore, there are many differences between caged budgies and wild budgies.

Such as, caged English budgies are quitter and have calm personalities. Meanwhile, the wild one has a high string and a much more vocal and louder voice. Both have completely different personalities. That’s why it’s easy to differentiate between them.


  1.   What are some popular facts about budgies?

Most people like having budgies as a pet compared to cats and dogs. Also, budgies are worth that hype because it has all the qualities people like to have in their pets. 

They are the most beautiful creatures, which can attract anybody in no time. Apart from this, they come in almost all colors, most of which are available in many color combinations. They’re very light in weight and easy to carry. 

Some of the species of budgies are quite loyal to their owner. Additionally, they can eat their food once you train them to eat. However unfortunately, they don’t live for a very long period, but it can leave a huge impact on your life.

  1.   What’s the difference between owning a single budgie and having a pair of a budgie?

Well, anybody can have a single budgie. However, having a pair of budgies is better than having a single budgie. It’s comfortable for both the owner and the budgie as they like to feel happier while having a pair. Socially, a couple of budgies can live longer than a single budgie.

Furthermore, budgies also like to have a partner. It makes them happier than living lonely. So, if you have a single budgie as a pet, it’s better to have one more to make them a couple.

  1.   Can budgies talk or mimic?
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It completely depends on the owner and how they train budgies. Most of them can talk and mimic. However, it requires training as well. Also, once they learn to mimic and become experts, they can talk and mimic better than any larger parrots. 

So, when it comes to having fun by enjoying their mimicry, these budgies will never disappoint. Moreover, female parakeets don’t learn to talk because they are also good at mimicking and not talking in any language.


Owning budgies is very entertaining because they are the most delicate and beautiful creators. However, it’s necessary to learn how to make budgies live longer. How long do budgies live? As budgies are a special bird species, they don’t live more than 15 years. 

Also, if the one doesn’t look after them properly and doesn’t provide them a comfortable environment and cage, they can’t even survive to live the usual period.

Meanwhile, they can’t live longer than 4 to 6 years in the wild. Furthermore, natural behavior also impacts their life. So it’s better to provide them happy environment.


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