Can Budgies Eat Oranges?

To keep your budgies healthy and fit, owners must know well about their nutrition and healthy meals. Although budgies need a variety of meals, oranges have healthy elements. Hence, it is important to determine can budgies eat oranges or not?

Apart from containing healthy vitamins and essential elements, oranges are also a healthy meal for birds. Orange peels are not healthy for all types of birds; therefore, sometimes it’s necessary to peel off some specific oranges because the peel is not healthy for budgies.

Can Budgies Eat Oranges: A Treat For Budgies

All the budgies react differently while having oranges first time because. There is no doubt that some of them become curious when seeing any new food for the first time. 

Even some of them get afraid. Therefore oranges must be introduced to them gradually. It’s better to hand-feed them instead of handfeeding them on the first or second attempt. They might refuse at first, but later they’ll have oranges when they want them.

Main Nutrients Of Orange:

Oranges are a rich source of the following elements which gets mentioned below:

  • Antioxidants
  • Citric acid
  • Flavonoids
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C and E

Vitamin C In Oranges

Vitamin C is the most common and important vitamin for all positive reasons. Plus, It doesn’t not only help to reduce stress but also take care of your little budgie’s mental health. It helps to keep the immune system strong and creates antibodies.

Feeding Oranges To Budgies

Your budgies should be fed a specific quantity of oranges. Make sure to feed them properly. Such as peeling it first, chopping it up, feeding it, and disposing it. This way, your budgies will not only enjoy eating oranges, but also, they’ll keep healthy and happy. 

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After setting budgies for sleep, it’s time to dispose remaining orange slices from their cage. As keep orange slices in the open air for too long can develop bacteria that can spread all over their cage. Moreover, these bacteria can also cause harm to their health. 

  • Oranges Peel For Budgies

Well, all types of orange peels are not healthy for budgies. Additionally, some budgies don’t like eating oranges peels because of their hard texture; some contain pesticides that harm their health. 

So, if you want to feed budgies some healthy oranges, ensure their peels don’t harm them, as some peel contains chemicals that are not useful for budgies.

  • Ensure Oranges Are Fed Daily

Oranges contain healthy vitamins, but it also contains sugar. That’s why it’s not healthy to feed oranges to budgies daily. Plus, The high quantity of sugar can cause harmful effects on budgies health. Moreover, it’s better to feed them fresh oranges than old and no fresh oranges. 

Also, if anybody feeds oranges to budgies daily, the sugar and fructose can make it difficult for budgies to digest the oranges. Thus, it can lead to nauseous symptoms and a runny nose. In addition, eating oranges daily can lead to obesity in the long run.


  • Why is it necessary to peel oranges before feeding them to budgies?

Some budgies don’t like to eat oranges with their peel because they find it way harder. Also, not all budgies prefer to chew hard peels of oranges. That’s why it’s needed to peel it off.

  • Are oranges beneficial for budgies? And why?

Yes, oranges are not only beneficial for budgies, but also, it’s quite safe for budgies to eat because it contains extremely useful vitamins and elements for budgies, which not only they like to eat but also keep them healthy and fit.

  • Can peels of oranges cause any harm to budgies’ health?
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Different oranges have different kinds of peels, so it affects budgies differently. All peels are not harmful, but some orange peels are covered in harmful chemicals and pesticides, which can affect budgies’ health and cause health issues.

  • What kind of orange budgies like to eat?

Like humans, budgies also like to eat fresh oranges because fresh oranges have more juicy slices than old oranges. That’s why budgies like to eat fresh oranges and want juicy slices. Eating oranges every time can make them sick because the high quantity of sugar can cause many health issues.


Keeping your budgies healthy and fit demands healthy food full of vitamins and other elements. Additionally, budgies themselves like to eat fruits which, includes oranges as well. So, if you don’t know that Can Budgies Eat Oranges? Yes, they like orange slices that are juicy. 

Furthermore, while having oranges for the first time, some budgies feel super nervous as they have never had this fruit earlier. But once they start having oranges, then there’s no going back. But make sure don’t make oranges their every time meal. 

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